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Sparham Hall Farm

Located in the heart of the Wensum Valley

Sparham Hall Farm is a traditional farm.  It is a mixture arable and approximately 80 cows.  We grow a range of crops from wheat, winter barley, maze and sugar beet.  


The farm focuses heavily on the environment.  We are in an amazing position to do this, having a mixture of floodplain water meadows, woods, lakes, river and the arable land is host to an array of birds, mammals, insects and flowers.

The Farm is home to 210 bird species, 450 plants, 900 moths as well as numerous butterflies and Dragonflies which have been recorded over the years.

We will always aim to give interested visitors (however young or old they maybe) an introduction to these natural wonders. A moth light is run most nights and in the morning a stunning amount of these beautiful and somewhat unknown insects can be viewed before release. Bring a camera as there are terrific photo-opportunities. Over 100 species can be recorded on a warm night.

A walk around the grass margins can reveal 7 Orchid species depending on the season and a wide spectrum of rare and declining arable flora, and this will take in the areas where habitat restoration is taking place.

A quiet walk around the lakes can give sightings of the elusive, but resident, Otters: and in the evenings we can watch badgers coming out of their setts.

The exact itinerary of what we look at, and when, will depend on the weather and season.

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Sparham Hall Farm 

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